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Love Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of slow lorises that involves research, education and rehabilitation. Our first center located in Chonburi, is a collaboration with the DNP Waterbird Conservation Center and currently houses several confiscated lorises which need constant care and support. Slow lorises are mammals of the order, Primate, in the paraphyletic group known as Prosimian — which also includes lemurs, bushbabies, and tarsiers. Slow lorises are nocturnal, meaning that they are active during the night and sleep during the day; they are arboreal, spending their lives living in trees.
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Slow loris

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Pygmy Slow Loris - Duke Lemur Center

There are 9 genera and over 25 species. The family includes the lorises of Asia and the galagos and pottos of Africa. You may first know about Loris as a cute, furry and tiny animal whose giant, glistening eyes assure you of their calmness and hospitality. Maybe you have also seen people keeping Loris as a pet. But be aware that not only is this illegal, it is also cruelty to these sensitive animals.
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Are Humans Pushing the Slow Loris to Extinction?

Pygmy slow lorises are among three species of loris maintained at the Lemur Center throughout its history the others are the slow loris and the slender loris. The family Lorisidae includes lorises, galagos and pottos and consists of 9 genera and over 25 species found in Africa south of the Sahara, southern India, Sri Lanka, southeastern Asia and the East Indies. Lorises have a tail either very short or completely absent, and their heads and eyes are round, with small ears which are almost completely hidden by fur. The forelimbs and hind limbs of lorises are nearly equal in length. They are the most endangered of the non-lemur prosimian primates.
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After videos of slow lorises being tickled and fed rice balls in captivity swept the Internet, the wide-eyed animals shot to viral fame. Still, countless slow lorises are captured each year from their rain forest habitat and sold online, across borders, or to local wildlife markets. In a study, researchers from Oxford Brookes University examined a hundred online videos of pet lorises and concluded that all the animals were distressed, sick, or exposed to unnatural conditions.
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